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Mr. Cue Massage Gun User Guide and Specification Details

How does it work for your health ? ● Relieve muscle stiffness, tightness, soreness, knots ● Boost blood circulation and soothe aching muscles after training ● Activates the nervous system and muscles ● Improve the body’s soft tissues condition       6 Replaceable Massage Heads ● U-Head: Neck, shoulder, Achilles tendon ● Mushroom Head+ 1* rubber sleeve: Spine and achilles tendon. ● Umbrella Head: Muscle relaxation ● Fork Head: Neck and spine ● Conical Head: Deep tissue - meridians,hands, feet ● Round Head: Large muscle group—— Arms,waist, back, hip, thigh, leg, 3 additional Rubber Connector 20 Speeds Choice Mr.Cue Massage gun provides 20 adjustable speeds to meet your various muscle relaxation needs. Whether it's daily relaxation or a professional...

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