Affiliate Program Guide

Welcome to Pretty Buyers Family. I am Ella, brand manager at Pretty Buyers. 

As a brand ambassador you get an exclusive 25% discount code for all of your purchases at our online store ( ).

You will get your own discount code for your followers named after you, with which your followers can get 10% discount on their purchase and you earn 20% commissions on their order value!
You can promote our products as little as you want or as many times as you want, it's up to you.
You will sign up to our affiliate program and can assess our affiliate dashboard and setup payment details to be paid out, can view details stats on your clicks, earnings to date and much more.

To understand the joining process please read the article thoroughly and if you have any queries then feel free to send us a DM here >>


1. Go to

2. Scroll  down to the bottom of the page. You will find the Affiliate tab. Click on it.

3. Now, you will the affiliate page. Click on Join Now.

4. A sign up form will pop up. Enter your details and create account. Or alternatively you can signup through your Facebook or Gmail account.

prettybuyers affiliate form

5. Now you can see your dashboard home page with your name on it.

If you wish to promote the website rather than a particular product page, you can copy and paste the Referral Link in your Instagram bio.

You can customize your follower's coupon code in your name; upon using it, they can get 10% discount on their order value.

Below, in the Summary section you can see the insights like number of referral, orders, % conversions, sales and earnings.

Prettybuyers Affiliate Dashboard

6. In the Marketing Tools section you can create referral link for any single product you would like to promote. 

Go to the store 

Browse through the categories and choose a product to promote. Copy the product page URL and paste it in the left side box. Your referral link gets generated on the right hand side of the box.  

Prettybuyers affiliate marketing page

7. In the Payments section you can see your payment records.

prettybuyers affiliate payments

8. In the Settings tab,you can update your profile (optional).

prettybuyers affiliate settings 

9. Setup Payment Settings

Enter your PayPal ID to recieve payments.



Q. Referral link will be valid for how many days?

A. All referral links has a validity of 90 days. 


Q. How often I get paid?

A. The minimum affiliate earnings before payouts will be made is $10. 


Q. Commission is calculated on what amount ?

A. Your commission is calculated on the Total Order Value - Shipping - Taxes

For Example: If a customer buy a product worth $40 (including $2 taxes and Free Shipping ) from your referral link. Your commission will be calculated on $40-$2 = $38. You will receive a commission of 20% of $38, which is $7.6


Q. How will I receive payments?

A. All payments will be sent automatically through PayPal. Please setup your PayPal ID in the payment settings section on your affiliate dashboard.


Q. Is there any other terms and conditions? 

A. There is absolutely no other conditions. Your earning is completely based on the sales you generate. You can promote any product of your choice and on any platform, any time. 


Q. How can I trust that you will actually pay me?

A. We understand your concern of getting paid correctly for all sales you refer and also getting paid on time. PrettyBuyers use third party trusted platform know as goaffpro to manage tacking and payments. PrettyBuyers assures you with 100% transparency in the payouts. 


 Q. How can i generate more revenue?

A. You can promote on your Instagram page, Facebook, Pinterets, Quora, and other social media platforms. 

Remember not to be click bait as we don't entertain spammers.


Good Luck!

For any further assistance contact us at or send your queries to