LED 2 in 1 Electric Electric Trap Insect Racket Fly Swatter Zapper USB Lamp Light Rechargeable Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp Summer




Instructions for use:

1. Press the power supply to position 1, press and hold the front button, the work indicator light is on, hold the mosquito racket handle and swing it so that the power grid is in contact with the mosquitoes, and the mosquitoes can be killed directly.
2. Push the power supply to gear 2, when the surrounding LED lights are on, press and hold the front button, and the work indicator lights up. This mode can be used at night or in a dim environment, and can be used to illuminate the place where the mosquitoes are. Induce mosquitoes, eliminate mosquitoes,
3. Press the power supply to the 3 position. At this time, the mosquito killer is in the waiting state of the mosquito killer (mosquito trap mode). Connect the charging cable to the charging socket and the power source. The mosquito swatter will automatically light up, and then it can be used as a mosquito killer.
4. Press the power supply to the end and turn off the mosquito killer.


The red light is on when charging, and the green light is on when fully charged.


1. Made of durable ABS plastic instead of other cheap and fragile recycled materials
2. It can be used as a hand-held mosquito swatter or mosquito killer, instantly releasing up to 3000V voltage, high voltage electric shock to kill mosquitoes, fast and efficient
3. USB charging stand: very convenient for charging and storage
4. The middle layer of the network is the working power grid, and the two sides are isolation protection nets to protect you from accidental touch and misoperation
5. Suitable for family, living room, bedroom, outdoor garden, camping, etc.

Charging method: usb charging
Battery capacity: 1200mAh lithium battery
Charging time: 4-5H
Manual mode: up to 30 days
Automatic mosquito killing mode: 6-8H


1.Please fully charge it when you use it for the first time or when it has not been used for a long time
2.Do not rinse electric mosquito swatter with water to avoid short circuit.
3.Do not touch the electric mosquito swatter with your fingers or other metal objects while it is working.
4.Do not use the product in presence of flammable liquids or gases
5.Please Keep it out of reach of children !!!

Additional information


Purple 6 lights, Gray 6 lights, Purple 10 lights, Gray 10 lights

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Poland, Czech Republic, China, SPAIN, United States, France, Italy, Belgium


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