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Luxury Built-in Electric Single Air Mattress

Luxury Built-in Electric Single Air Mattress

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Product information:
Material: PVC
Color: Built-in electric pump
Size: 99×191×33CM
Style: modern minimalist

Reasonable design: an inflatable bed that can not be crushed by heavy trucks, with a load-bearing capacity of 136KG and more than 5,000 impacts The phenomenon.
Comfortable and warm: Designed according to the principle of "ergonomics", the buoyancy of the air can be used to support the human body evenly, so that the bed can be closely fitted with the human body, and the cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra, legs and wrists are no longer suspended, which is conducive to creating natural, Comfortable, healthy quality sleep!
High-quality material: It is made of super-strong thermal carbon toughened polymerized pvc, and the surface is planted with polymer corduroy. It adopts international advanced sewing technology and is strictly tested according to international standards. The scientific design makes it not only have the beautiful shape of today's bed, but also has the comfort unmatched by ordinary beds. Tested for abrasion resistance and low temperature, you can put it directly on the ground.
Beautiful and convenient: the inflatable bed is small in size and light in weight. The volume of the inflatable bed is the same as that of a general household bed sheet after being released. It can be folded and put into a backpack to carry with you.
Application occasions: such as migrant workers who often move, temporary bed making for guests at home, office naps, travel camping, water leisure. Sometimes used as a soft mattress to add more excitement to life.

Packing list:
Air bed*1+Manual*1

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