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Ear Wax Removal Candle (10 pcs)
Ear Wax Removal Candle (10 pcs)
Ear Wax Removal Candle (10 pcs)

Ear Wax Removal Candle (10 pcs)

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The Natural Relaxation Ear Candles are a special and effective way of removing earwax while relaxing the body and mind. They use the technique of ear candling, which is a non-invasive way of removing earwax by creating a vacuum in the ear canal that draws out and cleans earwax and other impurities from your ear. 

Conventional cotton swabs are proven to not really work for removing earwax; and in fact, they can actually be harmful to your ear and push earwax further into your ear canal. That's why ear candling is a superior method for removing earwax, as it actually sucks out earwax and doesn't push it deeper inside the ear. 

The Relaxation Ear Candles are also made from premium beeswax and other natural ingredients that result in a clean, consistent and slow-burning flame that causes almost no smoke, unlike other types of candles. It also leaves behind very little ash debris and residue, highlighting how clean and natural these candles are.  


  • More Effective Than Cotton Swabs - Effectively removes earwax at home in just minutes by drawing it out of the ear
  • Natural & Safe - Made from natural ingredients, including high quality beeswax and unbleached premium cotton
  • Positive Health Effects - Draws out impurities from ears, relieves head pressure and stress, and increases blood flow and circulation
  • Promotes Relaxation & Meditation
  • Comes in a Variety of Colors


Size: 25x0.8cm/9.84x0.31''(Approx)
Material: Cotton Blend

Color:: Random color
Quantity: : 10 Pcs/Lot

Shipping: Ships to the USA in 12-21 days. International shipping 3-4 weeks.


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